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1 – The website of Vala e Vieira, Lda.
 – Vala e Vieira, Lda., has as its main business area the assembly of aluminum and other metal alloys and glass frames.
 – The site is available in your internet browser through www.valaevieira.com

2 – Access to the Site.
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 – Vala e Vieira, Lda., cannot be held responsible or requested any type of indemnity or compensation of any kind for the incorrect use of this site.

3 – Who is the website of Vala e Vieira, Lda for? 
 – This site is intended for all users looking for information about our services.

4 – Intellectual property.
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 – The alteration or illicit use of the data and contents of this site for any unauthorized purposes, raises the possibility of claiming compensation for the damages caused.

5 – Responsibility of Vala e Vieira, Lda.
 – www.valaevieira.com is an information hosting site regulated by Portuguese legislation, and will only be responsible for its publications.
 – All photographs and images placed on this site are merely illustrative, constituting only illustrations of content.

6 – Disputes between Vala e Vieira, Lda., and the user.
 – In the event of a dispute or conflict, these may be resolved through alternative dispute resolution means or through actions submitted to the Portuguese Courts.
 – For information, clarifications, claims, complaints, etc… you can contact Vala e Vieira, Lda., through the contact form available at www.valaevieira.com.
 – If you wish to file a formal complaint, you can do so through the online complaints book at www.livroreclamacoes.pt